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Four VIllages Horticultural Society - Forthcoming Events

 Thursday 22nd September

                            7:30 PM
 Gardening with Gravel
      (Marina Christopher)

 At her Nursery Phoenix Perennial Plants, Marina is committed to growing plants attractive to wildlife especially insects and specialises in unusual perennials and grasses.
She will explain how to make a gravel bed or apply a gravel mulch and the advantages of both in changing climatic conditions. Also the wide range of interesting bee and butterfly plants that grow well in these conditions.
  Thursday 27th October 2016

                            7:30 PM
     (Stewart Pocock)

 Pocock Roses are based near Romsey and have another nursery in Cornwall where all their roses are home grown and hopes to expel some of the associated myths. Time to choose yor bare root plants for next year. They also make other products from roses, from soap to truffles!
  Thursday 24th November 2016

                            7:30 PM
 The Bee friendly Garden 
     (Neil Lovesey)

 Did you know that there are 260  species of Bee in the UK? 
Without Bees (not just Honey Bees) and to lesser extent other pollinating insects the only food crops we would have would be those pollinated by the wind. 

It is said that 80% of the world's food supply depends on Bees.  How can we gardeners help?  Neil will tell us how Bees interact with our garden flowers and what the best flowers are to get the greatest number of bees in your garden.

 Thursday 26th January 2017

     Early Start       7:00 PM
 Social - Mini Show
 Bring & Eat Supper
 Cornwall Holiday members impressions and Reminiscences of the 2016 FVHS holiday
 Thursday 23rd February 2017

     Early Start       7:00 PM
 AGM & Talk - Heritage Vegetables
   (Chris Smith)
 Chris and Mike Milligan established their nursery Pennard Plants, in a virtorian walled garden in East Pennard, Somerset in 2001.